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the super card is an entry-level credit card issued by Slice In cooperation with SBM Bank. slice is a Fintech firm based in Bangalore. State Bank of Mauritius or SBM Bank is one of the largest banks in Mauritius country.

SBM is approved by the Reserve bank of India. For obvious reasons, it is quite secure. it is the first outside bank that gets a banking license from RBI For a universal banking business in India.

To make your transaction convenient and fast, it comes with a visa payment network. it is only available with a visa. However, it is enough. VISA is globally accepted which means you can use slice anywhere that you want. For international usage, you can enable the option through the app.

Slice Super comes with the benefit of earning rewards per deal. briefly, it allows 2% cashback per offline or online deal that you make via card. Moreover, it accepts all types of online or offline transactions.

Slice credit cards are quite beneficial for beginners who are new to credit cards or who want to improve their credit score for better future use. as I already said, it is a low-end card, therefore it is good for students or new individuals who are just above 18.

it provides a Credit line of between 2 thousand to 10 lakh. you have to mention your basic documents like PAN And Aadhaar Card. Slice will ask for personal information like mobile number, name, and background to complete your KYC. After That, It automatically tracks your credit score and provides you with a credit line.

it provides the facility of transferring money from the slice credit card to your bank or Paytm account immediately.

Additionally, you could also opt for the No Cost EMI for tenure of 3 months. On 3 month EMI, There is no additional Interest rate or hidden fees that will be charged by the slice.

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