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What is it that makes an engagement band special?

Rings for engagement have been worn by couples for thousands and thousands of a century because they symbolize love, and they have a lot of meaning.

We're sure you'll have a lot of questions and concerns before making the choice to purchase the perfect ring. That's why we want to be with you in this process, and we hope this article can make your job easier when finding that perfect wedding ring for your beloved!

What makes CoupleSets engagement ring so special?

We are sure that in your mind, you'll be thinking, "Every engagement ring is special in its own way." Yes, completely agree! What are the features of this "special" ring? The answer is clearer than you think: there are a lot of them however the most important "feature" is her, your girlfriend!

You can tell the type of ring your girlfriend prefers by her character, her style of dressing, as well as the colors and designs of her jewelry. It's just a matter of having to be aware of certain aspects. If you're not sure about the colors of her jewelry go to the jewelry box and from there you will find everything you need!

In the following paragraphs you'll discover the kind of ring that is suitable for your girlfriend, then all you need to do is find the perfect jewel for her!

We have included a variety of engagement rings that you can pick from.

Elegant and refined style

A solitaire engagement ring is the ideal choice for your lady when she's a fan of classic designs. It's a timeless ring that you can never go wrong with. If you think that she would prefer a more creative engagement ring, then go for a solitaire ring that has delicate diamonds on the ring band or a trilogy that has three central stones that represent the past, present and the future.

Unpretentious and elegant

If she prefers to stand out and impress with her style, an striking ring with a visible diamond or perhaps one with sparkling diamonds set on the ring band will likely suit her. The engagement ring to which a set of diamonds is added around the central diamond to make it appear bigger is suitable for expressing her outgoing personality.

A timeless and romantic style

Does your girlfriend like romantic and vintage things? Think about jewelry with delicate stripes or braided jewelry. These rings are usually worn by women who are imaginative and free-spirited. The beauty lies in the finer details of these rings, the delicate hand-crafted designs that emphasize the importance of the central stones.

Modern and contemporary style

Are you or your partner a fan of a modern and unorthodox design? We suggest you pick rings with non-traditional shapes. If the idea of the central diamond isn't her preference, then you can opt for an ring with a wide band with subtle accents of diamonds or precious stones, in order to highlight the contemporary and fresh style that is characteristic of it.

Nature lovers will adore this ring.

If she is most happy in nature, select a ring that's inspired by natural elements such as flowers or leaves. A very fine engagement ring set with small precious gemstones or a jewel featuring a central diamond in an elegant circle will showcase her open, honest, and enthralling nature.

However, if you start the process of buying an engagement ring with this knowledge, you'll never go wrong! Do the necessary research pick a metal and gemstone, and then plan your budget! You will find the perfect ring for the person you love when you see it.

Utilizing the advice above will assist you in locating the perfect engagement ring to show your love!

Click HERE to browse the entire collection of engagement ring designs!

We wish you all the best and wish you lots of love together with your better half.


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